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Spread the Word! Online Registration is Here!

HOORAY!  This week Gov. Wolf announced that Voter Registration for all Pennsylvanians will become available online. This is a momentous step forward for Pennsylvania. And can you believe it?  There are only 22 other states that have this important capability.

Online Voter Registration will empower new PA residents, folks who have moved and folks who are registering for the first time – to better exercise their civic and constitutional right to vote.

Thank you Gov. Wolf. Now, let’s spread the word and help register more voters.

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Any way you do it, you’ll be helping.


Pennsylvania Governor Wolf Hires Rail Expert to Focus on Oil Train Safety

HARRISBURG, Pa., April 28, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Governor Tom Wolftoday announced the hiring of Dr. Allan M. Zarembski, an internationally recognized expert in the area of railway track and structures, vehicle-track dynamics, failure and risk analysis, safety, railway operations, and maintenance. A University of Delawareresearch professor and the director of the railroad engineering and safety program, Dr. Zarembski has extensive experience in rail operations including freight operations, transit, commuter and inter-urban rail.

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