Current political atmosphere

It has been quite some time since we have updated our page. This is due in part to the separation from Ridley Park Dems, but we hope to be able to update regularly and bring you the same quality of information you enjoyed when we were joined!Currently our government seems to be in flux. So much has happened since the disastrous, heartbreaking events of November, 2016. Since then many people have some together in solidarity to help resist fascism and protect our great country however we can.
The horrific events that have happened just within this past month tend to draw our attention away from the White House. From the rise of White Supremacy in Charlottesville to the life-changing effects of Hurricane Harvey, we have been stretched to our limits with disaster. But we can and will come back!
The first goal should be electing responsible Democrats to Congress, and this year, to our own County and towns. Go to to see the full roster. And get out and vote in November! Many more Democrats voted in the May primaries than in the past, even here in Ridley! We are thrilled and thank you! Lets keep the momentum going! If you know elderly voters that could use a ride to the polls, and you can’t help yourself, email and we will make arrangements to see they are able to vote!
You can also follow us on facebook at Ridley Democrats for up to date information on events and meetings! Keep strong and connect with us for any help you need!